5 Tips to Help Construction Site Security

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The thought that construction sites are prime targets for theft may shock some people but there are many stories of where contractors have had to recruit construction security specialists to prevent vandalism, theft and even physical abuse on their sites.

Trusting peoples' good nature is not always viable, so when undergoing a project on a construction site it may be worth budgeting for security services. But before that is done, it is probably an idea to sort yourself out with a construction security checklist to ensure that all is being done before thinking about security investment.

1. Research

Firstly, a member of the construction team should research the area, identifying previous crime rates and the local crime news in the area. Identifying the 'need' for construction security early on is better than finding out later on, after the crime has been committed.


Ever heard of the acronym CPTED? Also known as "crime prevention through environmental design". Simply by ensuring that CPTED has some form of implementation will deter criminals from venturing onto the construction site. Factors such as lighting, personnel positioning, storage placement, fencing and CCTV coverage will make a criminal very aware of the surroundings.

3. Fencing

How robust is the security fence? Will the fence prevent a criminal in accessing the site, and at the same time, stop the criminal taking anything? A fence that has added security such as barbed wire, electrically wired and alarm activation will most likely deter a crime.

4. Asset Inventory

Ensure that every item on the construction site that is deemed an 'asset' to the company is recognised and is entrusted to a particular person or team on the site. If an employee is responsible for the whereabouts of a particular piece of kit, then it is likely the he or she will be extra careful as to its where about and how it is left overnight.

5. Contacts

Before starting a project, ensure that the project manager has a complete list of contacts, from the local police department, fire station and governing body. It is also useful for a member of the team to introduce themselves on behalf of the contractor to the neighbours of the site, as the neighbours may also be interested in heightened security. They may well later spot suspicious characters surrounding the construction site, so acquainting with them may prove vital.

The five pointers above may help you with your on-site security, yet if this is proving too much, then it may be worth considering professional security services.

By Jimmy George Ireland

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