Applications of Multimedia Design By Eva Adam

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Multimedia design is the latest approach to communicate a concept or information in interactive form through a website, CD-ROM, or Kiosk. It has wide applications in various areas such as advertisements, art, education, entertainment, engineering, medicine, mathematics, business, scientific research and spatial temporal fields.

Important Areas of Application of Multimedia Design

It can exclusively used for commercial uses. New and old electronic media exploited by commercial artists is multimedia. Artists create electrifying presentations to grasp the attention of customers. It can also used for business to business communications and interoffice communications. Creative services prepare advanced level presentations to advertise ideas or revitalize training. Government services and nonprofit services also hire commercial multimedia developer to design presentations.

Creative Industries
It is widely applicable in creative industries. In creative industries it is used for diverse purposes such as fine arts, entertainment, commercial arts, journalism, media and software. Multimedia designers are very creative and have basic technical and analytical skills.

Entertainment and Fine Arts
Multimedia is intensely used in entertainment industries to develop special effects and animations in movies. Multimedia games are available online and CD-ROMs software programs are also available. Some of its features are also used in video games. Professional are able to combine various techniques of different media in a way that enables viewer to participate. It is also used in cinema with opera and all type of digital media. It can also be used in traditional way in fine arts and can be displayed in art gallery. One big advantage of multimedia is that one can reproduce perfect copies of any presentation every time.

It is also widely used in education. It has been used to create computer based training courses and reference book like encyclopedia and almanacs. In such computer based courses users experience several presentations, text and associated illustrations in diverse information formats. The possibilities of learning through multimedia are endless.

Software engineers can utilize it in computerized models for various purposes from entertainment to training. Training includes military or industrial training. Multimedia designing for software interface is accomplished with combined efforts of software engineers and creative designers.

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