Business Management System or Bits and Pieces

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Very few companies today operate using a complete business management system. This is even true for franchise businesses. Instead, business leaders and managers operate on bits and pieces of what might comprise a comprehensive business management system. We all read this book or that book and go to seminars and conferences. We pick up an idea here and a tool there - perhaps the latest flavor of the month - and bring it all back to our companies and throw the pieces together. Often, the pieces don't even sync together. Is it any wonder that our teams are frustrated?

There are three attributes of a great business management system:

* An effective system must be comprehensive, strengthening all parts of your business. If the system leaves some areas weak, the probability of failure or continued frustration is still high. Your system needs to cover all the bases.
* The system needs to be founded on solid business principles and tools your team can quickly master and apply to the business. Advice creates dependency - your team can become conditioned to wait for the next piece of advice before taking action. In contrast, mastering the right tools in a comprehensive system equips your team to be independently strong and capable.
* The right business management system is simple. Complexity will work against you because your team won't be able to sustain the system long-term without lots of effort. You'll have plenty of tough things to deal with as you run your business. Your system should make it all easier - not tougher. Keep it simple.

If you're ready to experience something better in your business, trade the bits and pieces for a simple, solid, tools-based, all-encompassing system.

By Craig Pennings

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