Cancer - Is it Something You Can Heal?

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Can you imagine what a cancer cell looks like?
What a cancer cell is, is blockage. A bunch of cells getting together to block up your system. If you can imagine a cell, then imagine a bunch of cells all getting together to block up your arteries, your lungs, your heart, your kidneys, your gall bladder, and everything else from doing their jobs. Give them a color, a size, a shape, a texture, a smell, and a taste. Yes, a taste. Yuck, huh?
See, the purpose behind giving them an entity, which is what you just did, is so you can get rid of them. If you can't see (imagine) them, you can't get rid of them. Give them an entity, so that entity can dissolve or whatever you choose to happen to them in the paragraphs below.
Note: Keep in mind that nothing you visualize has to be exact. A layman doesn't know what a heart really looks like unless he or she studies it. The same with the kidneys, etc. Just do your best to visualize whatever you can and know that that is where the work will be accomplished.
What does it make you feel like when you first learn you have this little problem?
(And yes, we must think of cancer, or any other debilitating disease, as a *little problem*, so that we can deal with it. If we think it is a *huge, unable to be defeated* problem, we will have trouble thinking we can handle it, right?)
So, what does it make you feel like? A victim? Does it give you a *I can't do anything about this* feeling of despair? Do you have a *I know what comes next* thought pattern as you remember and visualize what has happened to your friends or family that has gone through this? Or do you think about the horror stories you've heard about or seen on TV?
My goodness, where does that get you? Agony, right? You don't want to be a victim, do you?
OK. Time to do something about it! Time to get on with the healing.
But what can you do? You're not a doctor? You don't know anything about healing? Well, even if you are a doctor, and even if you know some things about healing, this article will give you a new lease on life. It will help get you out of the victim mentality and into an *I can handle it* attitude.
So, are you ready? Great!
Here's a regiment for you that is easy to do, and you need to remember that you have to stick with it and be very consistent. Make sure you talk it over with your doctor, however, and let's hope he's a progressive doctor who knows how visualization can help bring miracles to the body.
Every morning before you take your medication, sit or lie down and relax for fifteen minutes. Start each session out by breathing slowly and counting on each exhale: 3 3 3 -- 2 2 2 -- 1 1 1. Then, 10 9 8, then 7 6 5, then 4 3 2, then 1 1 1.
Now that you are relaxed, visualize an outline of your body with all the cancer cells inside. Now, see those cancer cells begin to dissolve.
Note: Here's were we can be flexible. You can either see them dissolve, or see them float away, or see them burn up, or see them turn into smoke and disappear. Whatever works best for you, watch this process happen for fifteen minutes.
Repeat this process every mid-day, maybe around 1 p.m. or so, when your stomach has had a chance to process your lunch, and you aren't so tired. We don't want you to go to sleep while doing this, so maybe you will say something to yourself when you start to relax, like "My body is relaxed, but my mind is alert."
Repeat this fifteen minute process again at night, just before you go to sleep.
There, now you know what to do to help your body heal. Now, I will show you some things you can do to keep your mind healthy.
Sometimes, we worry without meaning to. What does worry bring? More worry. So, learn to be happy. What can happy do for you? Nothing bad. And that's very important. When you find yourself worrying, stop right there and smile. Then, continue on with what you were doing.
If you feel the need to be active, every morning have a regiment of walking around the house, or outside if you like, for fifteen minutes. The first five minutes, practice good breathing that gives your body a chance to heal. Breathe in four short breaths through your nose without letting it out. Then, on the exhale, breathe out your nose four short breaths. Do this for five minutes.
Then next five minutes, start each sentence out with *I am so happy and so very grateful, I have (am, can... Whatever). And be thankful for all that you list. Then the last five minutes, start each sentence out with *I am so happy and so very grateful, I have (am, can... Whatever) and list everything you want. This last list is your projection of everything you want coming to you. Be creative. Be happy for lots of money, lots of good health, lots of new things.
There, have we given your mind enough to work with? So, now it won't be burdened with the old *I'm sick and I'm going to die, and I have no control over my body* thought process? I mean, all this might have been true a minute ago when you had the old thought patterns. But now you have a chance to live life with you in control.
Remember this: If any thought like that comes along, chase it away with *I now release the pattern in my consciousness that is creating resistance to my good.*
Worry causes more diseased cells that cause blockages. Worry is to be avoided at all cost!
NOTE: You must keep up with your doctor's appointments. Do not, I repeat, do NOT expect this to take the place of regular doctor's visits. Let your doctor be a gauge of how well you are doing with your visualization. Feel good about this.

By Jan Tincher

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