Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Dentists

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As a dentist you have a great client base which comes back regularly. Email newsletters and marketing can further increase your patient return rate, which will of course increase your bottom line.

Email marketing does require an investment like any marketing. So be prepared to take some time to design and prepare your emails before sending them out.

Here are the top 5 email marketing tips for dentists.
1) Allow Patients To Unsubscribe
Not only is it required by law to allow patients to unsubscribe from receiving emails from you but it's also common courtesy. Many of your patients will be happy to see your email, but not all of them have the time to read them. Make it easy for them to stop your emails from hitting their inbox. Be sure it is possible to unsubscribe with every newsletter you send out.

2) No More Than 2 Emails Per Month
Your patients can only handle so much information. While most of them will be in your office once or twice a year, be sure to not overstay your welcome in their inbox. One email per month is suggested. Perhaps you have a special or extra information to send out once in a while which is good. However, never go over 2 emails per month. You'll notice your response rate drop if you overload your patients.

3) Use Relative Information
Customize your emails to your patient base. Perhaps you have a older demographic entering your operatories. You could cater to them by relaying information about senior benefits, or perhaps some information regarding the move to dentures.

And always keep it dental specific. Your patients look to you as a professional. Keep your emails focused on what you do best and your patients will respect you even more. If you are looking for something to write about, check out your regional industry newsletters.

4) Collect a Email Addresses From Every Patient
Every email address makes sending emails worth more. Be sure your receptionists are collecting all of your patient's email addresses when they update their address and insurance information. It's quick, easy and everyone has an email address now!

Most practice management software, like Abelsoft or Dentrix, are able to store patient email addresses along side their phone number and address. Utilize this functionality to easily keep your patient email list up-to-date.

5) Clean, simple, and easy to read
Remember that while your patients will appreciate you keeping them up-to-date on their oral health, but be sure to not overload them with terminology they don't understand. Patient's are interested enough in dentistry just enough to keep them healthy. So make it easy to read and be rewarded with a happy readership.

It's also a good idea to use the same email template for every email you send. This consistency will have your patients recognizing your style in no time. A template can also make your monthly newsletters easier to read.

Email marketing can be hugely successful in increasing your production numbers. Write, design and send your email campaigns regularly and always remember the top 5 tips to keep your patients happy.

By Leon Stevenson

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