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10 SEO technique that must be implemented

Besides that I described in my previous post about  3 things important in seo,I will share about 10 SEO techniques that are intended to apply SEO techniques that I use this for in the search for popularity on search engines. learn SEO for beginner blogger like me it does require space and time that pretty much because of the need to understand, test and apply is not uncommon to get errors.

SEO techniques that I know it was very impressive, for those who have advanced SEO feels it has become a daily food, and consequently visitors blog / website that they manage successfully with its SEO techniques. SEO techniques are fast and dropped some are used, that we are familiar with Black Hat SEO techniques, using this technique is that didapatkan.namun popularity quickly forget and never to try this Black Hat SEO techniques.

Back to the topic of conversation, of the many literary techniques and secrets of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), following 10 SEO techniques that must be implemented and many are written by the SEO Expert. I tried to summarize the most common technique and is most often used by SEO experts and webmasters boosting beginners in PR (Page Rank) in the eyes of Google. Confidential SEO techniques are:

1. A Blog Must Own Meta Tags
Blogs have the meta tags of which consists of the Meta Description and Meta Keywords. It is recommended to use keywords that have the best interest of the course tailored to the topics and Vision Your Blog "Reading: How to Find Popular Keyword." Keep in mind, do not use excessive repetition of keywords in the Meta Keywords field because it is a fundamental mistake in making the Meta Keywords. Meta Keywords that excessive will be considered spam by Google. Use Meta Keywords with a repetition of not more than two or three times. for example: blogger tutorials, blogger tips, blogger hack.

2. Not Have Dead Links on Navigation Menu
Blog Make sure you do not have a Dead Link. Namely Menu or words that there will be a hyperlink command but it turns out when the link is clicked, the link does not go to a page link. Be careful with the dead link. Because Google is so hated. It would be nice when you want to promote a blog, you make sure all the Menu or Text Links and Image Links and anchor text that has no Dead Link. It is also among the best, make a blog with not too much room / page to move around. Because thus Blogs seem easy to be traced either by machine or by Search Engine Spiders your visitors.

3. Replacing the entire Image ALT Text
Replacing image by using the ALT text is important for a blog. Besides boosting keywords can also beautify the blog page. Use the right keywords to fill the ALT text on images. Customize the theme of content or theme of your blog but remember do not use the entire image with ALT text that uses the same keywords. In this annunciator also includes the case that was hated by the Google. And are considered spammers also by google.

4. Use Keywords in the Title, Title, Content and even on the Heading page.
Of the several techniques and recommended SEO Secret is to use keywords on the Menu category or in other terms Labels or Table of Contents. and not just in making the list of contents. It takes its own techniques for SEO Friendly. Choose keywords that accurately at each point. So is the Title or Title of your article. Do not just make the title of the article. But think about the niche therein. In the search keywords that many people and it is likely the most in need of people a lot.click here what is a Meta Description and Meta Keyword?
5. Register Your Blog to Famous Sites
Blogs register on sites that have global or site that already has many visitors is one trick to boost Parent. Like submit on Google, Yahoo or MSN. or can use Traffic News, blogcatalog, blogtopsite, technoraty, or squido.

6. Always Update Articles / Posts
Is the most fundamental and a must for a site to keep getting page rank (PR) from Google. There is no other option but to actively go to update your blog so your blog is not 'suspended animation'. Make up-date twice a week. Even better is two days and more is better is EVERY DAY if you are able. Learn techniques to write with ease and techniques to get ideas for your writing terbantukan in an up-date blog.

7. More good will, A Web / Blog has a Site Map
It would be more professional and more powerful if your site has a site map. Google has provided a site map free for it. If we want to consider Google, the frequent use of Google's facilities!!. Similarly, some SEO experts claim. So Andapun be loved Google. As we like to take care of others.

8. Using the technique of Anchor Text
With a simple sentence that is created which is used as link text. You create quality articles and paste on a few paragraphs with keywords that you aim and do not forget to attach the anchor text there. Anchor Text in other words make a sentence with a hyperlink to her script is loaded. Even this technique is sometimes used by experts in doing Black Hat SEO. He hide the anchor text with background color menyerupakannya Blog to be disguised.

9. Use the Bold or Italic Text.
Including the most basic SEO techniques is to use BOLD text on a few words in your article. Italic text also includes therein. You select a word or a word form the phrase in your article by adding BOLD or italic. I think this technique is most easily done.

10. Commenting
Commenting is a natural way of getting backlinks and link popularity. but this is apparently much abused by utilizing the comment as a medium of spamming that are not really worth it. comment in accordance with the contents of the article and without using an anchor link in a comment it will make your blog admin who commented felt reluctant to appreciate you and let you comment to remain on these postings. but it is better if done on dofollow blogs, see: List of 101 Article Directories DoFollow.



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