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How To Find Popular Keyword

Of all the posts that are already there talking about What is the Meta Description and Meta Keyword this time you should not bother to search for popular keywords such as, tips and tricks, blog tutorials, SEO tutorials, free software and so on. by knowing the keywords that are popular today, bloggers are no longer left to the information you want dipostingnya and away from the word "stale" because the points discussed was not weird anymore. so far there are many SEO tutorials that only illustrate that contains optimization tutorial, but for keywords often sidelined in the tutorial. has the blogs are one of the media should provide information on the warm, popular, and interesting to discuss. on this occasion I will discuss how to search for popular keywords for bloggers.

without many strings attached Immediately, I love the place you are looking for popular keywords:

1. Adwords (https: / / adwords.google.com / select / KeywordToolExternal)
This is the place to search for my keywords timeless and highly recommend for those of you who want to search for eternal traffic through search engine google. Immediately wrote a check on the page: google adwords by popular keyword

2. Google Insight (http://www.google.com/insights/search/)
This is the place to look for seasonal keywords through google insights which we will know the keywords that are frequently typed the last 7 days, last month or last year. check on the page: google insight by popular keyword

3. Google News (http://news.google.co.id/)
This places to search for the keyword topic the last few days that exploded and is booming. Direct check on the page: popular keywords by google news

4.Berita popular in Indonesia yahoo
This is where you are looking for popular keywords through Yahoo Indonesia. You can check directly at the address: Indonesia yahoo popular keywords

5. News Feedjit
make this place popular search keywords in ffedjit in realtime updates every second. Please visit the page directly: Feedjit by popular keyword

6. Alexa
make this place popular search keywords in the Titans in realtime updates every second. Cuman keyword only applies to English. Check the page: alexa by popular keyword

7. Twitter
This popular place to search for keywords on twitter that was trending topic on twitter. Immediately wrote to page: keyword popular by twitter.



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