3 things important in SEO

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3 things important in SEO

Talking about seo certainly never end, this is because Google itself (and other search engines) are always changing on a regular basis algorithm (To produce more relevant search results.) We as bloggers for both beginners and master's programs can not be sure how the algorithm actual search engine. However, we continue to analyze and pick up some important points remain in the search results page or SERP google and other search engines.

"after knowing what the SEO"   This time there are 3 levels in Primacy SEO Techniques :

1. Internal Link Building
Seo techniques with internal Iink building method is a method that utilizes every page of a blog to build a         link from one page blog / post to Other pages use the same blog. Examples of internal link building is         very nice "wikipedia".

2.Backlink quality
Until recently, in 2010, likely to be a seo backlink soul. Indeed the day google and other search engines will continue to improve electoral systems between quality backlinks and not even bad or should blogers should begin to be careful.

3.Frekuensi update post
periodically update posts and within a fixed time, determines the exact schedule of posts. Each new post to try to have at least 1 link to the previous article.

So three important points that support the google SERP position this year based on the views of seo newbie, Thank you and may be useful.



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